The Age of Mass Choice “Making Your Marketing Strategy Compatible”

In the beginning it was craft era, followed by mass production which involved production of goods and services in standardized manner on large scales, this concept was mastered by Henry Ford (Model T) and others in 1910 and 1920’s and it peaked after World wars to meet the demands (mass consumption) and it was this mass production that eventually led to the demise of Ford (by General Motors’ who offered new designs on annual basis with lots of variations). That General Motors’ move was definitely a step towards era of mass customization where the output was based on market needs and desires like the collaborative customization we find that commonly in online apparel dealer websites where they offer much more flexibility and customization in terms of design, fabric, color etc. likewise adaptive customization by Dell and many others the concept is still widely practiced but now the whole market is moving into another phase that is the ‘mass choice”. My point about choice is not from perspective of buyer/customer only but it is also from the perspective of seller or manufacturer.

The mass choice is all about the options in terms of products, over all strategies especially marketing strategies available to a manufacturer and level of options and choices available to the middle man that not only include the traditional middle man but also all the interest groups, market regulators that include governments, different unions that can influence your marketing strategy plus all these factors have given the buyer the option of mass choice like the government regulations may allow certain other manufacturers to get into a particular sector, especially this has increased with the advent of global village phenomena. I have collected few points that has contributed to the mass choice of buyers/customers (by the buyers I mean business buyers and government buyers) so let’s get to it.

Factors that conceived the mass choice

1. Technology: Advancements in technology has propelled the phenomena of globalization where the World Wide Web has been the core source of mass distribution of information around the globe making the global market aware of all the available products with few clicks. Information is key in making decision about anything be it political move, resolving a conflict, disapproving or accepting different ideologies or buying/selling any product. Now if your market is just few clicks away from getting information and that too is highly rich this would definitely affect the position or mindset of any customer about your product.

Likewise as the technology has been improved global economies have heavily invested in it to benefit from it thus making market highly competitive just look at China, Japan, India, Hungary, Taiwan, Malaysia, Turkey etc if they are competing globally that means they are adopting according to global standards that also include technology benchmarks.

2. Globalization: Technology has also contributed in huge grants to globalization phenomena, now people can travel from one corner of world to other in short durations thus enhancing their reception of other cultures, societies, norms and life styles plus making them blend their own that is creating a global super culture that is global, diverse. Now a person may start day with Russian cuisine launch with Italian while at end of the day dining on Chinese. This just show the level of mass choice an individual have when it comes to food, imagine that in dresses, in organization types, in buying an automobile, in spouse choice, in mobile brand, in automobile model so on and so forth the customer/buyer has a mass choice.

3. Governments: And like I said global economies are investing at great levels to garner the global market benefits thus they have put in place different trade agreements with each other regionally and globally making way easy for one another in their markets and thus causes increase in competitions which then demands changes and flexibilities on part of organizations, companies that are involved in these particular markets in one way or another. The government regulations and different agreement has thus increased the industrial movements in terms of infrastructure, product or services from one market/region to another.

Devising a marketing strategy according to mass choice

How to devise a marketing strategy that is compatible with mass choice I have suggested few steps below that would help any organization to tackle these big challenges.

1. Think Globally
2. Adjust Locally

Think Globally: As company or marketing strategist do consider the following factors when devising the marketing strategy

1. Technology: Keep a close watch on technology advances and developments that would relate to your product or company in one way or another like for instance if you deal in electronic gadgets you should continuously scan globally for tech developments and innovations that would be capable of adding new features or enhancing your product.

2. Market situation: Keep close watch on industrial migration if it increases in your target market that means you are going to face increase competition and other complexities and if it is decreasing that doesn’t mean any good omen either.

3. Immigration: If people are immigrating to your market (region) that suggest opportunity to immigrants in terms of finance, lifestyle, living standards so on and so forth which will give birth to diversification in terms of cultures, investments/businesses and ideologies in the long run so as a market strategist you need to consider that too and if the situation is vice versa than that means you got a lot more trouble to deal with.

4. International position of particular country: This is another aspect that the marketer is required to consider, if the host country or the home country of your business enjoys positive relation with global powers that means more opportunities and threats and if it doesn’t that means less opportunities and more threats. As in case of positive position globally the country might face incoming in terms of other global business and multinationals along with some trade agreements while when things are other way around the home or host country of your business might face lack of supplies, less international trade opportunities and while some opportunities in developing business locally in absence of international competition.

Short and sweet:

The marketing strategist should consider the aforementioned factors seriously and devise a marketing strategy accordingly. And that’s the way to compatibility and that’s what I meant by “Adjust Locally”.

Changing The Way You Think Of Technology!

The key to marketing is assessing the situation, adapting to it and overcoming any problem to be successful. Whether you are talking about marketing, business, life or learning, I believe everyone has a social responsibility to learn what it takes to sustain and improve there lives, then share their knowledge with others. (family, friends, community, country, world)

Communication and the speed of the communication, is the key to success in the global market and, benefits all aspects if our lives. Education, learning, religion, socializing,business and recreation are all affected by advances in technology.

In the last 50 years, our longing to share knowledge has created the technology necessary to build the internet into what we have today. The instant communication, provided through the internet, has made the global market available to anyone with a computer.

When people have access to this communication platform they hold the key to unlocking their future, becoming successful, getting education, sharing their ideas and protecting their environment. Making the world a better place.

As we have recently seen in Egypt, what would have taken years to carry out was realized in a matter of days, because of the people’s use of the internet and the instant global communication it provides. We have a great opportunity, to use this platform, to change the future nations, community, family and ourselves.

Don’t just get the newest technological creation to make it easier to get personal satisfaction, you have the opportunity to use it as a tool to strengthen and educate your family, influence your friends and community, and make this world a better place to live for our children. But, to do that we have to change the way we think and this starts with the family. We spend more time developing social contacts then we do teaching our children.

I leave you with a quote from John Fitzgerald Kennedy; “Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You, Ask What You Can Do For Your Country.”

Customized Website Design, the First Step to Capture Global Market

Give way to your imagination with customized website design. Let the internet users feel your presence by implementing advanced technology while creating your website. Create website designs that can interact well with the users and can offer the best refined solutions. Usage of flash, animations and videos can deliver transparent message to the customers and can put your imagination on the right way. A proper customized website can foster your online presence with intuitive effects and can convert more visitors into customers.

Web designs are mainly categorized into three major layers. The first is the structure layer (content), which is created by using HTML or XHTML codes. The second layer is the presentation layer, that is how the website looks to the users. The final layer is the behavioral layer that dictates the web pages meaning, interactions and its abilities. These fundamental steps should be taken into account while developing any website, be it a e-commerce website or a social website. Implementing creative technological tactics can make a website more interactive and can draw the visitors attentions and likely to get more hits.

A website with poor navigation and design do not attract the visitors attention and hence likely to get more hits. Website promotion with proper web design is just impossible. Creative website designs can strike the visitor’s mind to explore into your website. A customized website includes major elements under consideration like incorporation of flash animations, colour combination, graphic design, video presentation. All these enhance the website by making it more interactive and entertaining. There are many companies that offer web solutions and development services according to standard practices. But, while choosing any such website design service you should ensure their quality standards. Choose a company that offers good deals of website services and provide vertical edge to keep you a step ahead from your competitors. A good website design company will not only provide website solutions, but also it will suggest marketing campaigns that will benefit your ongoing business. Avail design services from a company that provides affordable custom design solutions with 24/7 hours of customer support. Choose one of the best website development services where you can get all solutions under a single umbrella and popularize your business existence throughout the globe.

Can American Manufacturing Companies Compete in a Global Market?

According to an Industry Week article, Collaborative Production Management (CPM): Process vs. Discrete they quote ARC Advisory Group predictions of between 12% to 14.5% spending growth for CPM systems for U.S. manufacturing companies through 2011. CPM is about connecting the plant floor production system to business systems and knitting together internal manufacturing and business processes creating an environment for manufacturers to compete as a highly flexible and responsive operation that can meet their customers expectations.

What does CPM spending by manufacturing companies have to do with global market competition? According to ARC, CPM is the final frontier for interfacing manufacturing, supply chain and business systems together to improve and track productivity, reduce waste and increase revenues to stay competitive. In today’s competitive environment CPM is the next step in achieving a competitive edge in the world market.

In a collaborative production environment you need to collect and display real-time and historical data from a variety of machines varying in age and function and network that information to plant and enterprise systems. That information could include data on machine performance, productivity, maintenance, operation, labor, downtime, scrap, etc. that is not available from their proprietary or closed control systems. In today’s world that could also include interfacing to a mix of technologies from machine control platforms to data collection systems involving bar codes and RFID technology.

With today’s automation technology the solution is affordable and proven. Flexibility is the main theme by using a compact PLC with networking capabilities and HMI for operator viewing packaged for the environment. Called a Machine Monitoring and Control (MM&C) unit it can collect critical machine data using non-intrusive sensors (Without disturbing the current control scheme/control wiring) to display, trend and report vital maintenance and production information to plant, maintenance, and operation managers. It has the ability to connect machines over a network to an information server for important data collection, analysis and reporting. Data can be transferred over a company wide or independent network through secured wireless transmission, copper or fiber cabling media. Data Collection devices such as bar code and RFID scanners are easily integrated into the unit for capturing operator and work order information to increase manufacturing productivity and eliminate costly recording errors.

Applications include machine & equipment monitoring to reduce scrap, monitor downtime, production counts, web breakage alarming, work order tracing and reducing maintenance costs for the Printing, Pharmaceutical, Parts Manufacturing, Automotive or any industry that wants to get a better handle on machine operation and maintenance data.

A Syntek Global Overview

Syntek Global is a network marketing company that is located in Utah. And if you’re searching online for this company it’s very likely that you either want to get involved with it or you just want to purchase some of the products.

Take your pick. This will be a review of the company that will cover four aspects of the company. The four aspects are the products, how it’s managed, the compensation plan and the marketing portion of the company.

Xtreme Fuel Treatmeant (XFT) is a fuel treatment marketed by Syntek Global for gasoline engines and diesel engines. This treatment has been tested and it can provide the following benefits:

It can increase fuel economy.
It can prolong the life of an engine.
It can increase horsepower and performance.
And it can lower emissions.

Now, as soon as you hear statements like these I’m quite sure you are already thinking skeptically. And that’s completely normal for claims like these.

But the product has been tested by time and it has proved that it can achieve these benefits.

The good news for the company is that there is a great demand for this today since everyone seems to be going green on everything and the prices for gas isn’t exactly going down.

Syntek Global Management

An important part of Syntek Global’s success is due to the tremendous leadership it has. The CEO, John Winterholler, has a great deal of experience in the business industry. His resume includes positions of executive levels in private and public business sectors. He also has a great background in finances and technology that can only propel this business to new heights.

Syntek Global Compensation

Now you’re probably wondering the most important point of this review. How do you get compensated in the company? The system the company uses to pay it’s representatives is what’s called the binary system. The reason for this name is because you can only build two legs.

Although this compensation may sound a little unfamiliar to use, you will at ease to know that it is very successful since other network marketing companies have used it and it generated a good amount of wealth to it’s representatives.

Syntek Global Marketing

But no business will ever get off the ground without marketing. The company provides great literature and has a ton of replicated websites.

But the problem with Syntek Global, like many other network marketing companies, is that they are stuck on one marketing strategy. They use the famous, “Go to your friends and families and tell them about our company.” Well, this system has worked very well in the past and it’s still generates great results today.

But have you wondered what would happen when you run out of your friends and families. Some run out in their first month. What happens to their business then?

They must go into the malls and gas stations and talk to people they never saw before in their life to get a phone number from them. And believe it or not, this still works. The problem is that most reps are not willing to go through it.

The solution… You can actually use the power of the internet to be able to generate interested prospects every single day calling you instead of you calling them. A term often used for this on the internet is attraction marketing.

The term attraction marketing simply means that instead of you trying to attract people to your business, people become attracted to you to partner with you in your business.